We have a responsibility to assist our customers to attain their goals by providing products and service of the highest standards possible.We also believe that we will reach our fulfillment when we deliver on our commitment. We also believe that by continuous improvement on our products and services we will realize our Mission.


To achieve our goals and have a clear understanding of our purpose.We believe that through our core values of Passion, Creativity and Excellence we will be able to help our customers realize their fulfillment. We the stakeholders of Skyland Masterbatch understand that the journey we have embarked on is infinite; through the support from our loyal customers and all stakeholders we can make this an interesting adventure




    South Africa

    We at Ezonke would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your amazing team at Skyland for the outstanding service. We highly appreciate the time and effort put in to putting smiles onto our faces. There has never been an instance where we had to track progress or stalled with our own work since we moved over to you. Skyland is a decision we will never regret.

  • EVA

    South Africa

    We at EVA INDUSTRIES would like to say Thank you for great service delivery as my products are always delivered on time. Customer care which is so important in our type of business (manufacturing) whatever issues do arise we get excellent service. Customer visits which are done timelessly Thank you Mr Bruce Naidoo your dedication to the minute details is outstanding. To the team at SKYLAND you guys rock …Thanks for fantastic service and dedication …Job well done.


    South Africa

    I just want to thank the Skyland team for the amazing service they provide ,always going the extra mile to assist us with our orders & deliveries.


    South Africa

    Thank you, Skyland for the amazing service and products we are so grateful, keep it up.

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